Two things every great affiliate should strive for to make money “free v bucks”

Two things every Great Affiliate should strive for to Make Money free v bucks

Two things every great affiliate should strive for with best affiliate programs 2018 and beyond – making money, and continually improving how you make more money. By finding at least two Great Niches that is working or have proven to work for years. Affiliate marketing is a tricky business if you don’t know what to do, that is why most newbies fail, but some people with zero experience make millions of dollars with no special education or training.

Become a Super Affiliate 

You can become a Super Affiliate – Be  A big-time money producer who changes everything you touch whether it’s a CPA offer or a major affiliate product launch; You need to have the desire to succeed with the mechanisms and processes in front of you to obtain success. These tools are available right here. ­believe in yourself – you can achieve. 

How much $$$ can you Make as a with Affiliate Marketing? 

Persons are making massive fortunes doing this. 
With this simple formula that most affiliates use.

Blog+Website=xTraffic = xConversion Rate  = x$ per Customer = x# of Transactions = Payday

There’s No  Bad Website

You may have a website with no traffic, or one that needs better content, or one that needs to be improved a bit, You may have an underperforming webpage or blog, but not a Bad Website. Start with a simple blog or website. Here we show you how to build one for free OR if you don’t have time we create it for you.

How to Find the Right Niche

This starts with a right, reliable, profitable niche. One mistake every affiliate marketer makes is not sticking to a niche that is working; Some think they need something different and exciting, the non­competitive niches, or that they need to try many niches over and over again to spread out their business. This is wasting time and money.

Here’s the Secret

Most major Super Affiliates have only two significant niches; they may, try different niches. Until they find the two or three niches that are the perfect and most successful. 

Take what Works and do it Again and Again

Rinse and repeat build a recurring income stream that you know works,before you choose a cranny and invest all your time and money, you need to research to find out what niche is working and what niche is not working is this worth your time. That’s where I  come in to help you. I have already researched for you.

Lots of  people are selling affiliate marketing advice

They tell you things that are generally untrue or unreliable at best. 
Such as Some niches are too aggressive
It is impossible to make money selling “money making” products.
Clickbank is the only way to go
High gravity means a product is too contentious 

They’re all false

There are lots of affiliate programs other than Clickbank which will be discussed later, You should remember that High gravity products is perfect. for affiliate marketing. And money making products are incredibly useful. So, don’t take what you overhear at face value, we will now look at what works and what does not work when investigating a new niche.

How to find  a Niche

There are many ways to find a niche, but keep it simple.
Look for things that are selling, or have sold in the past with a large market so that you can to build a website with ease. Utilise simple methods for finding niches – such as  ClickBank

Clickbank is One of the Best

ClickBank is not the only affiliate network or program out there, but it’s indisputably one of the best programs when it comes to finding a profitable niche, there are rare places where you can still find useful data like ClickBank

Here is How to Find  a Profitable Niche to Sell 


Then Go to the Clickbank Marketplace
Now  search for any niche. For instance Diabetes. This is a good niche  site with the gravity of over 94 which is excellent for promotion see how it is done here.

To promote this product click on promote It will take you to the image below where you will enter your Clickbank username that you choose when you signed up for clickBank

Please note you can earn 75.0% commission for every customer you refer to this product! Get started now by creating a Hoplink.You can enter a Tracking ID which is anything you enter to know where your traffic is comming from.It could be a number for example1 or a letter A or a word like clickbank Just for your reference.

Account Nickname:Tracking ID (Optional)

It will look like this see diagram below  Now you can shrink this long URL to look like more pleasant to the eyes it will look like this  and you can advertise it like this 

The Diabetes Breakthrough Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Use  Gravity

The gravity number is a visible picture to find what is selling quite a lot,
and what is not selling. Gravity score indicates is that those various affiliates are marketing the merchandise. Each moment a different affiliate sells a product within a specified period, a point is added to gravity. So If someone sells 200 products or 500 products, it still only counts as one point. 

So imagine, when a product has been sold actively by more than 200 persons, it is a great niche – one with a lot of profit potential. Look for products with a gravity of over 30. Typically there will be between 30 and 80 products on Clickbank with those type of gravity. So choose the highest gravity it is continuously a great indication that the niche is converting and that niche product is doing well.

Don’t Stick

You should not only stick with Clickbank which isn’t the only tool around. There other affiliate networks, such as  CPA networks they will make everything so that you have a decent income.It is free to sign up.

Amazon,Aliexpress,Jvzoo,Warriorplus, How to market Physical Products,finding the best Keywords,

 How to Get the Best Keywords,Crisis Keywords,Long Tail Keywords,Buying Keywords,

Forum Research,Using Tools to Create Larger Lists,

Using Jaaxy, Google Keyword Planner,Analyzing Competition Levels, Getting  the All Important Traffic,

Blast for traffic

Forget the Competition; On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Backlinking Gets it Done, Email Marketing, Creating an Email List, Getting Leads, CPA Marketing.

The US Market and Beyond, Google and Other Networks and many others which I will discuss in other articles in detail.Keep tuned revisit for future updates.

Also, check out the reviews for what is working and what is not working.

Recommended Resources

Wealthy Affiliate  
Not inclined to experiment out on your own as yet because you may waste time and money. Then Join the Wealthy Affiliate community for free, and you’ll get all the support and help you need from Premium members. It’s a great free opportunity and a significant association.

CB Passive Income

If you decide to start with affiliate marketing on your own 

you’ll need to do the following.

Build your squeeze page
Design your free offer
Plan and learn how to write emails that sell
Research on what products to promote
Test your affiliate sales funnel
Pay for your hosting and autoresponder
And many other items.

However, If you need a little help doing everything above, I have a shortcut

For you that has all of this essential foundational information already taken care for you! It called CB Passive Income and will allow you to fundamentally “clone” an internet millionaire’s complete affiliate marketing system. Click here to learn more.

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