Best Blog Niches to make money blogging 2019 that has Great Traffic!!

Best Blog Niches to make money blogging 2019 that has  Great Traffic, to Make Money

How to find a niche to make money blogging in 2019

Follow your passion and find a niche that you love then you are in a great position to make money.

You can make money with any niche that you decide to start with.

Some niches are straightforward to build an audience and make money, while others are more difficult to make money with. Your goal should be to start a nice hobby that can make you some money while enjoying what you do by helping family and friends this is how Facebook started.

How to find a  Great Niche

First, find a problem and address that problem, a problem that resonates with people. People want their problems solved. Do some research until you can help people resolve their problems or help them in some other way. Niche down again until you find a very specific audience that relates to what you are excited to write about.

Now you can write about almost anything and become successful.But make sure the post revolves around solving a problem or helping someone.

Do You Need to Pick a Niche You’re Passionate About?

No, You really want to help people do something or solve a problem. However, once you begin earning money with a niche, you can later learn to become enthusiastic about it. It really becomes easy to be passionate about a topic when you are making 5-6 figures from it month after month.

So use reverse strategy sometimes instead of following your passion, follow other people’s passion. You can start a blog following your passion and make money with it but it is now natural to make money in niches that others are excited about.

Know what  People Want

When choosing a niche you need to understand what people want. They want help they need help to solve their problems or how to improve their lives.

For example, 

If you can show them how to Cure Your Insomnia in 6 Simple Steps & Start Sleeping for 8 Hours Every Night– in Just 3 Days! they will listen.

If you can show them how to manage and make money FREE MONEY Install CryptoTab and mine Bitcoin!
they will listen.

If you can show them how to “Travel” in space and time–to experience
the past, the present, or the future, right now they will listen.

So use Niches that show people how to better themselves by solving their problems or by helping them in some way or another these are the niches that you should blog about I have listed some below.

What are The Best Blog Niches to Start a Blog

There are some smaller bloggers that do well at arbitrary niches and do so well, are they the exception or the norm?

No, Do not be impractical.

Just Go for it whatever is working for you do something and make money because anything can work, keep in mind there are the broad niches, with sub-niches within each one. But they all fall under a bigger niche.

Here are some large niches where you can also find sub niches:

Here is a list to help you choose a niche


Remember to Create Useful Content

Focus your attention upon creating useful content. What you create will depend on the topic that you choose to write about. Make it as useful as possible. Create content that changes people’s lives in some way this will be the content that people will value the most, material like health and fitness, for example, Weight Loss Evolved:  The Science-Based and Clinically Proven Way to Lose Weight.

Help them to like and trust you – which is essential if you want to make money from your blog.

Here are some ways to study on creating content that will attract people to your blog

  • Create excellent Blog Posts that People Remember,
  • Come Up With Fresh new Ideas to Write About,
  • Suggest interesting tips for anything.
  • Use examples.

It has been proven that these type of Posts  Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog.


How to Find the Right Niche

This starts with a right, reliable, profitable niche. One mistake every affiliate marketer makes is not sticking to a niche that is working; Some think they need something different and exciting, the non­competitive niches, or that they need to try many niches over and over again to spread out their business.

This is wasting time and money.

Here’s the Secret

Most major Super Affiliates have only two significant niches; they may try different niches. Until they find the two or three niches that are the perfect and most successful.

How to Make Money Blogging

Many bloggers jump into a niche and take the wrong approach. They pretend they have the knowledge to share with others about making money online but the audience isn’t stupid they will soon figure it out.

Most courses like How to become a super affiliate and How to make money Blogging, that some bloggers charge for are available free on this website, what is blogging so that others can benefit free.

Another site is Fitness Health Wealth

1.A Popular Niche Personal Finance

This can fall under how to make money depends on the strategy the blogger takes. Personal finance sites can teach you how to save money, while others show you how to make money with investing and side jobs. You can make some money here.

2.Health and Fitness Niche

With Health and fitness Niches, you will get a lot of traffic. However, it can be difficult to monetize if you don’t know what you are doing. See this site Fitness health wealth

The best approach starts with affiliate marketing. because people are searching for solutions to their problems and a nice


or Clickbank link

that helped you can do miracles.

A lot of blogs in the fitness niche are usually run by teams of people or fitness trainers.

3.The  Food Niche

This can be difficult to make money with because the audience isn’t looking to buy food, they just want recipesthey just want recipes. A good method is to build up a large following and use ads to enhance the business.

4. Beauty and Fashion


This is the holy grail of successful blogs because you make money and also gain access to cool events.

However, it can be a  difficult Niche because other niches rely on excellent written content, while beauty and fashion rely on your personality and your ability.

Most beauty and fashion bloggers use YouTube and Instagram and other visual platforms. They build a following there and then build their lifestyle blogs covering different categories beyond fashion and beauty. The beauty and fashion niche is about the lifestyle that you live.

5. Lifestyle Niche

This is broad so you need to focus on what area you want to blog about.

For example, Gardening,Homesteading,Survival,Home/Indoor/Outdoor Decor,Organization,Travel etc.
You can consider creating a blog with the above topics.

Monetization for this niche are ads or printable items such as books which works well.

Remember you have to be solving a problem or problems, how to cook or live healthy, or write about a problem that people are emotional about.

6. Personal Development Niche

Writing on a personal development blog can be difficult if you don’t target a particular problem. Do not create a blog that is vague or beyond living a better life.

Be precise about what you are advising someone with. For example, you might say:

I will help you have the POWER to Heal your family, friends (and yourself) by simply following this Revolutionary Reiki Learning Technique.


how to hypnotise people

Learn Hypnosis Fast The World’s Best Hypnosis Training


how to control Diabetes

The Diabetes Breakthrough Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Be specific about how you are going to help

You can Start Broad and Then zero in on the Niche.

There are diverse ways to make money blogging just them.

  • Advertising works for all of them, but advertising is only one of the ways to make money.

You can Sell your own higher-end products, many  bloggers  create products that fall under the how to make money niche.
Such as


  • You can write a book about making a blog
  • You can provide a course on how to write  a book
  • Or a course on affiliate marketing of products related to blogging.

It can work well because you are establishing authority with your audience. Many people visiting your blog will want to start a blog just like you; offer them your book or course on blogging.

I’ve waited to help others by eventually publishing what is blogging. I understood what it takes to create thriving blogs across a number of different niches before putting these concepts into free courses at what is blogging.

If you’re interested in permanently turning your blog into a business then check out what is blogging all courses are free.

Of course, if you feel I have missed anything that you are interested in please let me know in the comments I will make it available.

Recommended Resources

Wealthy Affiliate
Not inclined to experiment out on your own as yet because you may waste time and money. Then Join the Wealthy Affiliate community for free, and you’ll get all the support and help you need from Premium members. It’s a great free opportunity and a significant association.

CB Passive Income

If you decide to start with affiliate marketing on your own

you’ll need to do the following.

Build your squeeze page
Design your free offer
Plan and learn how to write emails that sell
Research on what products to promote
Test your affiliate sales funnel
Pay for your hosting and autoresponder
And many other items.

However, If you need a little help doing everything above, I have a shortcut

For you that has all of this essential foundational information already taken care for you! It called CB Passive Income and will allow you to fundamentally “clone” an internet millionaire’s complete affiliate marketing system. Click here to learn more.

NEXT How to make money with other networks!!

How To Start A Blog with Bluehost 2018,2019,and Beyond.

How To Start A  Blog with Bluehost 2018,2019 and beyond

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You may not be aware but making money with Blogger or another free blogging platform is difficult, and never happens because advertisers and companies avoid Blogger websites because they view them as unprofessional.

These free blogs can disappear at any time without notice.

I am speaking from personal experience. I had a free blog with blogger and one day  it was no longer there.

So a self-hosted WordPress blog is an important reason to use Bluehost.

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If you want to make money with your blog, then you have to be self-hosted.

Get a  professional look to readers, companies, etc.

Let us begin CLICK HERE to get started

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost


1. How to get your domain name.

Click Here to get a domain name to build your blog or website,

Then follow the easy instructions.

First think about a simple catchy name for your domain name.

You can get your domain name through Bluehost and make it easy.

When you do so, you would get a FREE domain when you buy twelve months of Bluehost webhosting.

You will save money so the free domain just makes it better.

For the best deal, you can purchase a thirty-six-month plan, this way your monthly rate would be lower.

However, If you choose to get the free domain, just proceed to the succeeding step because you can buy hosting and receive the free domain all in one step.

Click the get Started Button and you will see this image


2.If you are new the “Basic” package is all you will need. 

However if you are interested in having multiple websites or blogs you can choose any of the other packages as per your needs.

Or you can select 36 months for the best deal.

3.When you click select you will be taken to this Image

4.Enter your Domain name make it short and catchy THEN CLICK NEXT you will be taken to this image to fill out all your account information.


5.Next fill out your Package information remember not to select

SiteLock Security – Find

Codeguard Basic

and Bluehost SEO Tools Start

you do not need these right now these are optional

6.Next fill out the pament information and check I have read and agree to Bluehost’s Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy and acknowledge receipt of the Privacy Policy. and hit submit.


How to buy Buy hosting for your blog or website.
First  look at blogging costs:

To get the best price to start a blog, choose the “Basic” plan It’s only $2.75 a month by my link, when  you sign up for the thirty six months, which is a great savings.

If you choose  a 24 month plan,  the price is $3.95 a month. If you choose  a 12 month plan, the price is $4.95 a month. $4.95 is  affordable and great at saving money also you get a free domain.

If you are not sure about blogging or which plan to sign up for , I would recommend the twelve month plan a great price and affordable for one year of blogging until you can make up our mind for the other plans you may need .

When you purchase the 12 month plan, your price is $59 a year, which is a great price plus the available domain name for free.

However  the best deal would be the 36 month plan, which would result in savings in the long run.
The Basic plan is all you need for now. You can always modify it later to a another plan by paying the difference.

You may want to pay for Domain Privacy Protection, which is only $0.99 per month this is optional.

This is so that your contact information is safe.

You may not need the other items that Bluehost sells,

So uncheck any of the extras that are listed as the are not necessary at this time.

Remember, when you sign up with my link, you  get your domain for free if you purchase the twelve month or longer blog hosting plan.

I want to repeat  and advise you to buy  at least a 12 month plan.

Because a Month-to-month is less effective,and more costly.

You will also get a free domain name, lower pricing, and won’t have to worry about  an expired website month after month.

Remember if your hosting is not renewed on time  or if the card expires, then your website will be down and you will risk losing your business,visitors,and traffic.

Blog Bluehosting will  cost you around $59 a year or $99 for 3 years, a great deal!

The best value over the long run.

Are you are ready to build your blog or website then do the following above in this summary:

Go to Bluehost and click on  the “Get Started Now” button.

Then Click on the package you are interested in.

Enter your domain name if you have one registered, or sign up for a new domain name here.

Enter your personal and payment information.

Next you will be asked to enter a password.

Make sure it’s secure as this information is very important.

If you having problems, please send me an email at

I have a great contact at Bluehost who can help solve any of your problems immediately and clearly!

How to Install WordPress with Bluehost.

With Bluehost  it is easy to create a WordPress blog  FREE.
After  creating your password, Bluehost will guide you through,what you need to do to start a blog or website.

First, you  pick a theme, pick anyone because you can change it later,or simply scroll down and skip this step.

Recognize there are several free ones also!

Click on “Start Building”
On the next screen, you can choose “Business” or “Personal” – it’s up to you.

Or, simply click the “I don’t need help.”


You  have a brand new WordPress blog or website. Remember  to work on the design and produce high-quality content.

Good luck!

If you having an problems or need help writing content and designing your blog contact me at

How to navigate WordPress a few guidelines:

To add or build new posts  click on “Posts” on the left-hand side when you are logged in to wordpress.

To add or build pages click pages or add new on the left-hand side when you are logged in to wordpress.

To add any image, click on “Media” on the left-hand side when you are logged in to wordpress.

To add items to your sidebar, and footer. Go to and click on “Appearance,” then click on “Widgets” in order to add items to your sidebar, and footer.

To add or change your theme Click on appearance on the left-hand side when you are logged in to wordpress.Then click on themes then choose and activate the one you want to use.

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How Start a Blog or Website

Here is a Free Course and Guide.

How to start a  Blog.

How to start a Website.

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Topics covered are:


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3.How to Design your Blog or Website to get search engines to be hungry for your content.

4.How to Add posts and pages with great content to Make money.

5.How to Start growing your blog get traffic and Market your Blog.


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With 15+ years of experience in coaching and helping personages with their blogs, I’ve found that many persons make the same mistakes when starting a blog, and sometimes they abandon the project altogether.


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Please note:

The method to make a website is the equivalent as starting a blog, and WordPress is a good selection. You can follow this same step-by-step guide as bloggers to create a website.


Part 1: How to Choose the Right Blogging Platform? I suggest  WordPress you would see why below.


Before you choose your blogging platform. Take a look at this chart:








It is clear that WordPress has the prominent market share among the other platforms listed, Tumblr, Blogger, Custom, Drupal, Scoop, Joomla and more.


However, given that there are over 73 million active users are using WordPress today it’s clear WordPress is the platform to use.


Worldwide most blogs and websites are on  WordPress.


Here are the reasons why?


  • It’s FREE for everyone themes, layouts, plugins and add-ons that much other stuff other platforms do not provide ( most are free).
  • It’s easy to install. I’ll show you how down below.


  • It is safe & secure; WordPress is always updating their software and keeping everything sound and stable, so there are no worries of having your blog getting hacked. Please note NASA, Time Magazine, and prime university blogs all use WordPress.


  • It is customizable with hundreds of free themes and plugins that add extra functions to your blog, from contact forms and subscribe boxes to plugins that improve performance and much more.
  • While there are other blogging platforms, WordPress offers the best packages.
  • It’s simple for beginners but persuasive for experts.
  • It’s mobile Friendly, great for SEO
  • It  is constantly being updated, WordPress boasts a huge free, online support community


  • So start with WordPress. Especially if this is your first blog.


Here are the reasons why You Shouldn’t Create a Blog or Website on a Free Blogging Platform.


  • You need to self-host your WordPress blog because it gives you absolute control of your website and content to use as you see fit.


  • No successful blogger uses a free blogging website like “www.howto” instead of their domain name like “”, for example?


  • Have you heard the statement free thing is no good – There is nothing free in life.
  • Your blog or website can disappear at any time without notice, it happened with me when I now started blogging on a free platform


Free blogging platforms will provide you with a lot of problems such as:


  • You do not control your content – the blogging platform does, you could be locked down anytime and for any reason.


  • The web address of your blog usually is long and trying to remember (like instead of a  branded address you can pick
  • You will not be allowed to advertise on most free blogging platforms, making it harder to make money with your blog, also if you use the blogs.


What you need is to host a blog – without the limitations!


Please start with a self-hosted blog or website. So  you would have no worries or experience massive technical headaches like many others in the past


Setting up a blog or website like this is convenient and less, especially with the exclusive discount deal and coupon code included in the link below.

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How to get a Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider

You need two things to get your  self-hosted blog or website with your domain name:

Getting a Domain Name

Your domain name is like a street address for your website. Without a domain name, you would have to tell customers to visit your website at a temporary URL. It should be noted that Domain names identify IP addresses, one or more than one. For example, the domain name represent approximately any dozen IP addresses. Therefore Domain names are used in URL”s to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is


Therefore it is critical to Get your domain name to lend your site a professional look and establish your online brand! Have your blog address where people find what you are blogging about for example food, articles, recipes, finance, how to cook or whatever you want to blog. For example, Is Google’s domain. So your new blog domain name could be


The price of a domain name is usually $10 to $12 per year, but if you follow this guide, you will get one at a much lower cost.

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What is  Web Hosting

This is the like the home of your blog or website address and content that’s on the blog or website. Without hosting, you cannot use your domain. Similar to a computer’s hard drive that collects all your material and stores it. Web hosting keeps your blog or website online on the internet.


Four things are important to consider when choosing web hosting:


  • How much it cost per month the less the cost the better.
  • Speed, your blog needs to load fast to cater to mobile users. Therefore the number of seconds it takes you to load your blog is very important.
  • Uptime, a good web host will help minimize problems with downtime. Therefore how often your site is up and running, 99.9% isn’t enough, aim for 100%.
  • Technical Support, is very important.


The cost of good web hosting is usually between $10-15 per month, but you can get more than 70% off below.


With this special offer for you below the total cost will come out to less than a cup of coffee a month – so you can afford it to make more money.


It’s a  small, yet meaningful purchase for your blogging success for your satisfaction or to make money.

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Where to  Get your Domain Name and Web Hosting:


I strongly recommend Bluehost here is why:

  • You get a free Domain while with other web hosting companies you have to pay for a Domain.
  • 1 click WordPress install ideal for newbies
  • Free SSL included
  • 24/7 support
  • 30 Day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so you have nothing to lose
  • You can open an online E-commerce store – WooCommerce is completely free to use.
  • Bluehost makes building a WooCommerce website easy for beginners while still providing all the tools necessary for pros.
  • WooCommerce allows anyone to set up and run a professional online store in minutes. The best part is that it’s all powered by WordPress so your data is all 100% owned by you.
  • Simply choose the hosting plan that is right for your website needs, and then create or add your existing domain. We will automatically install WooCommerce on top of your WordPress website while also providing a free WooCommerce SSL to keep your site and transactions secure. Setup takes only a few minutes and then you can begin selecting a theme for your online store. Shortly after you’ve selected a WooCommerce theme, you can begin adding your products and payment information.

This is why I recommend click here BLUE HOST

For a free Domain, web hosting and the option to own an online store.







  • Choose the hosting plan that is right for your website needs, and then create or add your existing domain. Bluehost will automatically install WooCommerce on top of your WordPress website while also providing a free WooCommerce SSL to keep your site and transactions secure.
  • Setup takes only a few minutes and then you can begin selecting a theme for your online store. Shortly after you’ve selected a WooCommerce theme, you can begin adding your products and payment information.

Many web hosting companies are offering a similar service domain name + hosting but none comes close to Bluehost with their quality, support and speed.

Today is your lucky day I have done the research to narrowed down the list

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I want to help you avoid the mistakes that most people make in the blogging world, and save you from experiencing many restless nights from struggling to get your website back online.

I had experiences with favourite and recommended web hosting companies like Name cheap,iPage, Godaddy etc.

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However if you’re ready to make a long-term commitment, BlueHost will cost as little as $2.95/month. The longer your commitment the less you pay each month.

BlueHost is also recommended by Automattic, the team of geniuses behind WordPress since 2005, and BlueHost’s mother company is one of the investors behind Automattic, so you know you’re in good hands.

Making it effortless to install WordPress, they also include a content delivery network (CDN) that provide faster website loading for people located geographically farther from their servers. Also, all websites get a free SSL certificate to reassure your site visitors that their information is secure.

You get adequate resources for your new blog or website and a free domain name!

Click here and signup now before moving on.

Here’s BlueHost’s uptime graph vs nine other web hosting hosts have been tracking long term. Remember, an uptime of 99.9% is the industry standard. While others fell to 98% Bluehost remained a constant 100% Uptime that is fantastic.

When starting a blog or website it is important to make a commitment. But not everybody is financially equipped to make big financial commitments. However, if you’re ready to make a long-term commitment, BlueHost will cost as little as $2.95/month. The longer your commitment the less you pay each month.


I have a “Plan B” that offers a month-to-month billing plan.

I recommend Click here: HostGator, as my second choice this site is owned by the same parent company as BlueHost.

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HostGator has one of the best blog load speed and uptime (see here):




HostGator has an excellent performance, easy to use, and ideal for beginners.


You Get Free With Each Hosting Plan as follows:

  • Free HostGator Website Builder which includes over 100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates and an Image Library
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MYSQL Transfer, Script Transfer (Details)
  • 52 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer (Details)
  • $100 Bing Ads Credit (Details)
  • Free SSL Certification ensuring that your website is flagged securely


HostGator offers Free SSL Certificates while some others do not. This adds credence to Google, and with your site visitors and customers, also with HostGator, your website looks legitimate from day one.


You can always use another web hosting service as long as it’s fast, reliable, and offers unlimited storage & bandwidth, like Click here Bluehost where you have the option to build an E-commerce online store an added benefit.


Let’s get started:


Part  2: How to Set up Your Blog with Your own Domain Name And Self-Hosted WordPress.


Follow carefully and you will have a working self-hosted WordPress blog with your domain in no time.


If you don’t prefer to use HostGator, you can choose another hosting provider such as Bluehost,  they are also very good, and the registration and setup process is almost the same.


Please note that some hosting companies do not have a one-click install for WordPress like BLUE HOST and HOST GATOR. So stick to this guide for installing WordPress.


Step 1. login Click here to HOSTGATOR  and click on  Start Your WordPress Blog.


Remember you get a massive discount just for using this guide over 60% off.


You will get premium hosting for only $2.75/month instead of $10.95 or more. You will not find a deal this good anywhere else.


The coupon code will be applied when you click the link below.



Do not delay this unbelievable deal terminates at the end of October 2018.

Step 2. How to  Pick a Domain Name For Your Blog.

If you have one, then record it in the right box (I already own this domain) and move to the next step by scrolling down.

Here are some hints on how to select a good domain name

Do not choose a lousy domain name is one of the most common mistakes bloggers make. Be sure you select an excellent domain name.

  • Choose a name that is simple to remember and catchy- Don’t choose a stupid name, something difficult or a  name with parts “” is difficult to remember but “” is easy to remember.

  • It must be one of a kind of name that reflects you and what you care about, be creative and build a unique identity.

  • Dependable Domain branches such as  “.com” and “.org” or “.net” are popular,  “.com” is the one most people think of first it is the most popular one.  Avoid annexes like “.club” or “.biz”, these are less used, tougher to remember and hardly trusted.

Enter the alias you fancy to use in the space shown, then press “next”. If it is available, use it if you like it or you can choose another one.

If the name is not available, HostGator will give you alternatives that are similar – or you can enter in a new name and try again. Try a name that ends with .com, .net or .org

Part 3. How to Choose Your Blog Hosting Plan

Choose the “Hatchling” plan if you are a beginner, upgrade later if you want extra advanced features, but you have enough to get started with the Hatchling.

Step 4. How to  complete your registration

After choosing the Hatchling program and obtained a name that is available. Register it by putting in your contact and billing information.

Later you can customise your package.

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Take a look at these additional services. However, they are not 100% necessary now.

Step 5. How to Log In To Your  Account And Install the WordPress Blog

It takes a few minutes for HostGator to register your account. When your new account is ready, you will get a confirmation email.

HostGator confirmation

Now log in to your control panel the information you need should be in your inbox,  install WordPress with a click.




Log-in to  (Hostgator) control panel

At the topmost press Get Started With WordPress Today.

If WordPress isn’t there, scroll down on the control panel, press at Quick Install under the Software & Services section. Look at the top of the page, on the left sidebar section for WordPress.

After clicking, you will be taken to ( – this is a site that supports HostGator install platforms.

You will observe a screen where you are asked to “Install” or “Import” WordPress. Click Install to go to the next step.

When you have Installed WordPress, you’ll see a loading bar at the top of your page that will inform you that your WordPress blog is installed and you will see your log-in credentials.

Step 6. Now it’s Time to Log In And admire Your  Blog

You will get an email that shares your login information, including an “Admin URL”.

Click the admin URL to login to your blog. If you are logged in you will see something like this 

If you are not logged in you will see something like this


So click on Admin login to log in, Your username and password would be sent by Bluehost or HostGator whichever one you signed up with

Part  3: How to Design Your Blog to look awesome and working as you want it to work

In this section, you will learn WordPress blog basics, including:

  • Changing your blog’s design
  • Installing new WordPress plugins/features
  • Making your blog search engine friendly

How to Change Your WordPress Blog’s Design including Themes & Layouts


WordPress blogging platform uses design templates called “WordPress Themes” to show you the different ways you can design your site. Changing your blog’s layout and design is as simple as installing a new theme.


There are over 2,000 free themes to choose from a list.


How to find Find And Install A Theme You Want

With  your initial log in, you’ll see a dashboard or admin panel that looks  like this:

Then hover over the “Appearance” tab in the WordPress sidebar, then click on “Themes” as shown above.

Next, you will see the themes already installed like above,  normally the large theme on the left is the one you are working with right now. I have done the research this is the best one to use.

If you do not like them, press the Add New button at the top/ the big Add New square to begin searching for a theme, Or click themes above.


You will see tabs where you will find featured, popular and brand new themes, as well as a “Feature Filter” and search bar. You can scroll down and choose the theme you want.

With the “Feature Filter” option,  themes are available in colourful designs; you can pick specific layouts and even prefer themes with exceptional built-in features.


Choose the options you want, then press “Apply Filters” on the left-hand side. If this is difficult for you, search by keyword – there’s no wrong way!

After finding a theme, click “Install”, and you are finished. Congratulations!! 

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